One-Time Services

Record Player Station with Headphones

Intro/Outro Theme

Your Project, Your Song - $75

For a flat one-time fee of $75, I will compose an original song for your particular podcast! This service includes consultation over the style and tone of your show to best represent your particular brand. Once the theme is complete, all rights for its usage are transferred to the payer.

Recording Studio Microphone

Launch Coaching

Hit the Ground Running - $60

If you're looking for a streamlined, one-on-one relationship to get started on your podcasting journey, I have the technical and practical knowledge you're looking for. $60 will get you set up with digital resources, expert knowledge, and most importantly, a detailed plan for your project, plus biweekly check-ins until you launch!

Final piece of a puzzle (blue)

Technical Assistance

Reach the Next Level - $35

Are you struggling to hit your project goals? This service is designed to hone in on your particular needs and challenges, from sound quality to social media planning and everything in between. This flat-rate $35 service includes highly personalized one-on-one coaching, as well as the creation of a detailed plan for improvement.

Continual Services

Team working on podcast

Editing and Sound Design

Professional Service, Professional Sound

Whether you're launching a new project or want to bring a trained ear to your existing podcast, our adjustable rates and individualized service are sure to bring your audio to life!